Product Description


Toperezic is the most rigorous drug program by the German production of GMP quality unique formula, a significant effect, elastic blood vessels to restore blood flow, blood circulation will help improve the cerebral cortex, activation of brain cells and central nervous system, increase oxygen and nutrient supply to brain cells, to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease have sequelae of stroke, improve the symptoms of atherosclerosis.


Coenzyme Q10, lecithin


Prevent aging of blood vessels and restore blood vessel elasticity, reduce atherosclerosis.
Enhance the brain cells to absorb and use oxygen, thereby enhancing memory and thinking skills.
By platelets in the cerebral vascular system, pool and blocking the blood flow unimpeded to maintain normal functioning of the brain function.
Help blood circulation, cold hands and feet, numbness, night cramps, tinnitus and vertigo, migraine headaches, lethargy, stroke, elderly dementia have significant effect.
Enhance learning in children's attention and thinking.


Treatment: three times a day, every two to four, meals or after meals, and even served as a three-month course of treatment, dosage may be increased due to the disease two to three courses, or follow the nutritionist as directed.

Prevention and care: children and adults for more than eight years old: twice daily, every one or two.

Packing: 100 tablets per bottle

Manufacturer by: Germany